Review: Shaping up with AngularJS

I recently read on twitter that CodeSchool had a free course, Shaping up with Angular.js. I’ve already been deep diving into Angular.js for a couple of weeks now, but I decided to pause and see if there was anything I was missing. I have to say that CodeSchool did a great job with the content. If you’re a JavaScript developer looking to dive into Angular, this is a great (and free) place to start and form your own opinion on it.

First Impressions: Angular JS

My wife is off for a 24 hour codefest (/jealous) and left me at home with the kids for the night. I decided do my own codefest since one kid went to a sleepover and another kid is hosting his own sleepover here at home. We use backbone at work, which, I’m not so hot with. Just something about it drives me nuts. I wanted to learn something different and waffled back and forth on Ember and Angular for about a week.

Go Beginnings

In attempts to become a polyglot, I’ve been learning a language outside of my day job language (CFML). Aaron Greenlee suggested I take a look at Go Programming Language. So, I’ve been poking at it with a stick here and there. Every growing links I find useful: http://golang.org https://gobyexample.com http://goinggo.net/ http://golang-examples.tumblr.com http://go-book.appspot.com http://dave.cheney.net/resources-for-new-go-programmers Crazy fun tcp/websocket talk - http://vimeo.com/53221560

Working remote

Late 2012, I was laid off from a 12 year job which turned out to be an inconvenient blessing in disguise. I rushed to get my resume out there and I fielded a bunch of opportunities. I was rather surprised that some of them were for remote work. I had never worked remotely before, so I didn’t know if it was going to be a good fit for me at all.