OSX Full Time

Months ago, I don’t remember exactly when and I wish I had saved my tweet, I announced on twitter that I was going to start using my MacBook Pro full time since my Windows machine bit the dust. Not exactly sure what happened to the machine. I thought it was the SSD drive, but now I’m beginning to think it’s either the motherboard or the cpu since it powers up, but never gets any further than the BIOS screen. At that time, I was pissed off and couldn’t be bothered to care enough to fix it. I had too much work on my plate and I couldn’t slow down. So, I was lucky to have a machine capable of picking up the task.

I was happy having both machines running side by side prior to my Windows machine going down, it was useful in development for many reasons. Prior to getting my Mac laptop, I’ve always prided myself being able to switch between Windows and Linux with ease. Adding a Mac to the fold was a no-brainer and easy to get used too. The command line in OSX makes the linux-centric person in me extremely happy.

I’ll be honest, the direction that Microsoft pushed Windows 8 wasn’t exactly sitting well with me. Nor am I looking forward to Windows 10. I’m glad to see Microsoft getting more invested in Open Source, Docker, and such, but… meh.

There’s only two programs I miss at the moment
- SQLyog
- S3 Browser

How anyone full time on a Mac that puts up with any of the existing MySQL and S3 Programs out there is beyond me. The many options out there dealing with the both of them are terrible. I’ve even tried software from companies that Mac people rant and rave over (ryhmes with Manic) and it’s terrible. When I use it, it lags the mouse and the operating system when uploading / downloading from S3. The pancake? Seriously? This is your best effort at a mysql client?! o_O

I’m probably generalizing, but if I had to guess, most Mac developers are using the LAMP stack and are probably ok with using PHPMyAdmin or something. The thought of installing LAMP doesn’t appeal to me, especially since I’m more focused on Go development.