Exit Railo, Enter Lucee

Today was an interesting announcement that Micha Offner, lead developer of Railo, is forking Railo and starting development on Lucee. What does this mean for Railo? It would appear to me that Railo is dead in the water and Lucee will be carring the torch going forward.

Adam Cameron has more information here since he was at the Lucee launch. Interestingly enough, Gert Franz was in the audience. Which leads me to belive that he’ll remain focused on Rasia and Mark Drew will be focused on CMD.

It’s important to note here that Lucee has a Non-Profit organization behind it now, Lucee Association Switzerland. Which is where the license will stay if I’m understanding everything correctly.

I can’t help, but wonder what happened at The Railo Company. Feels like someone misplaced their car keys or something. None the less, I trust Micha Offner in this endeavour. It’s important to note that without Micha and Igal, there’s really no forward momentum on Railo.


Viva la fork!