First Impressions: Angular JS

My wife is off for a 24 hour codefest (/jealous) and left me at home with the kids for the night. I decided do my own codefest since one kid went to a sleepover and another kid is hosting his own sleepover here at home.

We use backbone at work, which, I’m not so hot with. Just something about it drives me nuts. I wanted to learn something different and waffled back and forth on Ember and Angular for about a week.

I came across two videos:

I’m digging it. Seems easy enough to use and pick up. Especially with the second one. Decided to follow along with it tonight and knock out my own version of it, with some simple improvements.

Of course, there’s nothing complicated going on there and I haven’t touched ajax calls yet, but I can’t imagine that it’s going to be overly complicated.

I have to admit that it comes across as black magic as you’re working with it, but I guess that’s the part of learning / picking up a new framework and digging into how it works as you go along.

I should note that my zipfile is based on the video (which is using 1.0.0rc3) above, so there’s probably a newer / improved way of doing things that I haven’t seen yet.

Anyway, color me interested. I think it’ll pair nicely with the golang I’ve been learning when I dive into golang web apps.