Dusting off the dust

After thinking about my blog for a month and trying to make a decision of what I was going to do, I reviewed google analytics and realized that:

  • I haven’t been blogging that much.
  • My most popular posts were minecraft / bukkit server setup and the railo setup guide.

One of the issues of why I haven’t been blogging is that ever since I joined Wrecking Ball Media, I’ve just been super busy.

The other shouldn’t come as a surprise, especially if you follow me on Twitter. I’ve just become extremely disenchanted with Adobe ColdFusion lately. I use it daily at work and I’ve run into issues (example: implicit struct bug that is inline on a function call).

You might think, wait, aren’t you the one that was big on getting things reported so stuff can get fixed? Why yes, yes I was. Still am. Problem is, I didn’t care about reporting ACF bugs due to the recursive loop I’d go into every time I went to the ACF Bug Base to report it. I’m told that this has been fixed recently, but…


So, I’ve moved my blog to ghost.org. I’m going to stop hosting everything/maintaining everything myself so that I have one less thing to manage. I’m not even sure that I’m going to hook up comments just yet, so we’ll see. So, what happens to my old content? Maybe it’ll move over, maybe it won’t. Still evaluating.