OSX Full Time

Months ago, I don’t remember exactly when and I wish I had saved my tweet, I announced on twitter that I was going to start using my MacBook Pro full time since my Windows machine bit the dust. Not exactly sure what happened to the machine. I thought it was the SSD drive, but now I’m beginning to think it’s either the motherboard or the cpu since it powers up, but never gets any further than the BIOS screen.

Migrating to Hugo

I recently migrated away from ghost.io to a static website running on S3 utilizing gohugo.io. I ran into a few issues here and there, but it was a matter of figuring out go templating and getting everything re-organized. I believe I have all the appropriate redirects in place and I’ve moved over some disqus discussions. I wanted to kill off the last monthly $5.05 bill that I had, S3 should prove considerably cheaper, but I won’t know until I get the first bill.

Numenera and a kid with mild asperger's syndrome

My wife and I are gamers. We met online in a World of Darkness game. So, there’s no surprise that board games and RPGs have become a staple of interest for us. Over the years, I’ve been kind of mopey about the fact that I can’t get my step kids interested in RPGs. When my wife and I declared to the family that we were going to GenCON 2013, she surprised me with «And, you kids are signing up for a Pathfinder intro games.

Exit Railo, Enter Lucee

Today was an interesting announcement that Micha Offner, lead developer of Railo, is forking Railo and starting development on Lucee. What does this mean for Railo? It would appear to me that Railo is dead in the water and Lucee will be carring the torch going forward. Adam Cameron has more information here since he was at the Lucee launch. Interestingly enough, Gert Franz was in the audience. Which leads me to belive that he’ll remain focused on Rasia and Mark Drew will be focused on CMD.